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Rabu, 17 Jun 2009


Hyewww~ I'm a bit, saje2 jer nak tag2

The kind of person you're first attracted to
~Hmmm....I'm not sure...

Do you believe in love at first sight?
~for your info...NOPE!!

How do you show someone you're are interested?
~ how should I know?

Is there such thing as a perfect relationship?
~errkk....still not sure about that...

How do you know when someone thinks you're attractive?
~haahaa!! sorry, I'm not attractive!

How do you know its right?
~ I said...I'm not attractive

Could you date someone who has been only your friend for a long time?
~No waayy!! It just your own brother something like that...

What do you wear to attract the opposite sex?
~ aaa....does a bunny outfit oke? haahaahaa~

What makes someone sexy?
~Themselves ofcoz!

Are you unconfortable staring into someones eyes who likes you?
~ Yess!!! ;)

When someone catches your eyes do you try to make eye contact or avoid it?
~Avoid it! but, make sure that person is trying to make an eye contact with you and not with others...okee? ;P

Your favourite colours of eyes in the opposite sex?
~ Black or hazel!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Describe your crush
~ One Shaheizy Sam!! haahaahaahaa~ I'm so dead!! ;)

When are you the most happy in a relationship?
~ Our first time meet each other, ofcoz!

Do you believe in soulmates? Have you found yours?
~ I do believe in soulmates.....but, still don't have that weird?

How many people have broken your heart so bad?
~ Haahaahaa~ not even one! cause...I never let my heart break just because of useless love! duuhh~ what for?

Would you ever cheat or have you ever cheated?
~ If I say yes for I get in trouble?

Have you ever loved someone who didn't love you back?
~ Yupss!!! but, I never care about it...hikhik~

Have you ever given someone your entire heart?
~ No waayy!! How am I going to pump my blood without it???

What kind of things do you do to show someone you are theirs?
~Aaaa.....'love' n sit really close to him...heehee~ and I would stick my name on his forehead! haahaa~

Is there ever a happily ever after?
~ I'm not a!

Do you want to grow old with someone or be single?
~With someone I love ofcoz! I won't stay single for ever~~

Are you a hopeless romantic?
~ Haahaahaa~ yezzzaaaa!!

Whats the most romantic thing anyone ever done for you?
~ uUuu..that is my secret... ;P

What are you like when you're in love?
~ When I know...someone love me...haahaa~

Describe your dream person
~ SHAHEIZY SAAMMMM!!! (I'm not going to be dead this time....I hope...hikhik~)

What has been the weirdest date you've ever been on?
~ I never have a date...haahaahaa~ honestly!

And the very best?
~ At Paris... *I wish*

How long of your relationships was the shortest?
~ Aaaaa....1 1/2 hours....haahaa!!! honestly dear!

Which was the longest?
~ My secret...

Are you friends with any of your exes?
~ Some of them..heehee~

Do you wish you were back together with any of your exes?
~ NO!!!

Do you ever dreams about your exes?
~ Haahaahaa~ what for?? nope...sleeping is my time! I don't want any of my exes face in it!!

Are you open or closed because of past hurt?
~ I'm always open for someone that I really like...not for fun!! or I kill you!!

Who would you die for?
~ My family n fwens!

The reason you love your crush?
~ Because I want to

Would you change yourself for someone you love?
~ Nope! I still stick to what I am now

Would you give up a dream for someone you love?
~ No way!

Would you quit a job for someone you love?
~ Never ever!

The thing you love about relationships
~ Meaning...someone still love you for you!

The thing you love about being single
~ Freedommm!!!!!!!! yaaaaahhhh~~~

The person who's on your mind right now
~Hmmm....Kak Ilah, Abg GB, My Fwens from anywhere and SS....haahaahaa~ what?? something wrong?? no right??

I'm going to tag....Kak Ilaahh~~ and who ever read this post! haahaa~ buat okee??

I'm going to rest for a while....tireeddddd dowww~