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Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010


Helww..! assalamualaikum..! :D wanna share some pics that I took during practicing PUISIDRA (puisi + drama) best & its so not easy as it looks, okay?! alunan & tonasi kne betul.. dah mcm masuk AF aku rasaa..! but, thats okay cause.. we're having fun practicing with my favourite Sastera Teacher..! tQ cikgu! love yaa..! ;)

no stress during the practice, no pressure, no bad mood! (except when the period comes.. totally bad mood with no reasons.. hee..~)

picture captured by AZEE a.k.a my MANAGER ;) hikhik~ menghafal sajak. dari kiri (farah, aku, siti & cikgu zatul) duduk atas pentas..! hee..~ my face looks very serious at this time.. very not friendly cause pening menghafal. ;)

azee & farah! org suruh buat lain, dia buat lain..! farah ajar azee buat animation! heee..~ aku ko tak nak ajar ke, farah?? sampai hati.. huhu~ no matter..! kinda busy helping cikgu uploaded videos for youtube ;) SMPW Official Videos <3

Farah & Siti ;) Siti was making an animation too..! a flag animation using farah's lappy..! i love the colour ouhh..! eheehee..! masa niee..kitorg xde practice apa2.. sbb ngah busy buat animation. hero-hero kitorg pon hilang ntah ke mana..!

haa..! this one yg aku sukaa..! masa niee, syukri one of our hero dtg untuk practice.. heee..! thats good ;) the pic above shows that.. deekay (yg duduk tuee..) farah, siti (yg pegang senapang) & syukri were acting..! siti gnti tmpat ali yusuf for a while ;)

My manager..! azee..! haahaahaa..! why did u stand at the corner..?? heehee..! azee amek vid guna hp siti..! sbb tuee kne diri kat hujung2.. snang nmpak. poor azee..penat diri sbb 'pelakon2' import tuee asyik gelak jer..! haahaahaa..! nasib baik laa manager I nie penyabar orgnya ;p

serangg!! heepp..! wait3..! pompuan tak elok berperang..! heee..! siti with her shotgun ;p yg sptutnya yg dipegang oleh yusuf... memandangkan mamat tu tak dpt dtg.. so, siti ganti smentara.. konon2 jdi hero... opss, silap! heroin..! hee..~

mmg best gylerr..! though, its tiring but its okay.. cause I've nothing to do at home.. other than sleeping all day long..! better do something useful..! now, I've memorize all the lines for sajak..! but still need some more practice.. my voice... cause sometimes ter'angsa' sudaa.. heee..! sometimes i can't really reach high note laa..! depends on the lines.. kdg2 smpai pulak.. huhu..! weird.. i know.. ;)

but then.. at home.. during the night.. when i cant even get my eyes close..! i'll always let out my creativity a.k.a craziness to make this....

tadaaa...! cantek kan...? heeheehee..! i really love this effect soo much..! why..?? i'm not sure.. but i really love it..! it looks like my finger was totally burning at that time..! but, actually.. my finger felt cool & pale.. haahaahaa..! don't know why..! tp klaka..! love it..! do u love it..? no..?? TAKPE! ngeeheeheehee..!

okee.. need my rest now..! bubye smuaa yg I syg..! <3