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Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Once A Friend.. ~

Helww..! assalamualaikum..! bersarang blog niee..! hee..~ very busy starting last weeks..! why..?? i'm going to perform for the PUISIDRA (puisi + drama) huhu..! my end of year exam is coming.. and i'm totally not ready..! but trying to act like i'm ready..! yeaahhh...rightttt...!!! lets not talk about examinations now okee..? need some time to relax before having date with the PAPERS!! huh..!

To Kasyah a.k.a Fafa a.k.a Monyet Milo: I never care if I'll lose you one day.. because I have so many sweet memories of us to accompany me when you're not here ;) <3>

'GONE' a.k.a find some new & better friends laa..~ :p but one think.. i keep on thinking the same thing.. again & again & again & again......... can i survive without you...? huhu..~

Totally worry after azee told me that she is going to move to Seria next year..! damn! i hate that..!! of course.. new home, new SCHOOL..! the same meaning as.. SHE WON'T BE STUDYING WITH US AT THE SAME SCHOOL ANYMORE..! i can choose friends that can really be 'A FRIEND' to me.. and after i have it.. its totally hard for me to let him/her go..! why..?? cause friendship means everything to me.. a real friend can see through you. like Fafa.. before, i'm not really close to this CRAZY MONYET..! haahaahaa..! but after i know..the real Fafa.. i started to think... why i never saw her before..? it looks like..we never meet each other before..! and the funniest thing... SHE WAS MY CLASSMATE FOR ALMOST 8 years..! can't believe me..??? you better do.. heehee..~

ishh..~ rasa mcm xnak jer tinggalkan 2010 niee... sbb bila dah masuk 2011.. Azee nak pindah.. huhu..~ :'( i love my manager..! huhu..! walaupon baru kenal diaa taon niee.. tp mmg Azee niee boley tahan gylaa diaa..! sbb tuee aku xnak diaa pindah..! don't GOOOO my manager..!! NO..!! huhu..~ kalo korg still ingat.. Azee niee laa yg temankan aku smpai hmpir2 nak tetido sbb nak jmpa abg NUBHAN..! haahaa..! she never merungut but, she will always smile every time i tell her that flashback..! and the only trademark yang aku ingat smpai skang.....................

"nama sape? Azee? A. Z. E..... E lagi..?"

Haahaahaa..! can you guess..who's dialog was this..?? haahaahaa...! hanya aku, azee & farah yg tau.. dan akhirnyaa.. 'QAHFARAZEE' pon tercipta.. cewaaahhh..! haraamm..! haahaahaahaa..! dah laa.. melalut plak..~ assalamualaikum..!

to Fafa: biar doa ku terus bersama mu my dear ;) though i'm not always there by your side <3>