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Jumaat, 5 Disember 2008

Tagged From Shambunny!

Helww.....I've been tagged by my BESTEST half friend n half sisiter....SHAMBUNNY!!!! Thanks Sham!!! I MISS YOU!!!! TAKE CARE OKAY? N Always keep in touch!! I always miss you n Alisha!!

What is the most important thing in your life?- oxygen....HAHAH!!! my family n friends of coz!

What is the last thing you bought with your own money?- Chocolate!! Dah habis makan pon! HAHAH!!

Where do you wish to get married?- Di umah loh!!! X kan kat kubo lak!! HAHAH!! Well, maybe dalam Dewan is great! Kan?

How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?- Ermm....until I find my really lover kot?

Are you in love?- HuHuH!! Yup!! Nggee~!!!

Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?- kat Kate.....HuHuH!!! sedap!!!

Name the latest book you bought.- Tangisan Berdarah by Hasrudi Jawawi....serrrreeemmm!!!

What is your full name?- Nurafiqah Bte Md Hashim

Name the person you wish to meet in real life or the first time.- NUBHAN LOH!!!! Xde lain lagi dah!! kot...Adam, Stacy, Nabil Raja Lawak....more la kot? But, yang penting memang Nubhan!! HAHAH!!! But...first time jumpa....Adam af....(nak jumpa lagi!!!) n Dewa19...HuHuH!!!

Christina or Britney?- Britney kot? I preffer Britney....

Do you do your own laundry?-Sometimes...if x malas....eheheh....

The most exciting place you wanna go?- HEAVEN!!! HAHAH!!! xkan Neraka lak!! Well, emmm...Australia!! Ngee~!! K.L nak gak!!! Ehem2....ehehe...

Hugs or kisses?- I preffer hugs....hugs sesape pon boley....kisses..kalo berani buat depan public...cuba la!! Ngee~!

8 things I am passionate about:-
Stuff -gamba Nubhan loh...macam2 lagi!!

8 things I say too often:-
Okay Loh!!
Aku Peduli Hape?
Get A Life!!
Nak kena penyepak?
Eden Torai!
Hotak ekau!!!!
Suka hati loh!!! (eyh?? Terlebey 10 lak!! Soee.....)

8 books I've read recently:-
Majalah Hiburan
Tomiruo Terakhir
Rintihan Mazliza
The Haunting
The Ghost Stories
The Hot, Naughty & Nasty Tricks
The Nightmares Stories

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:-
Indera-Nubhan & Stacy
Ada Untukmu-Nubhan
Aku Stacy-Stacy
So What-Pink
When I Grow Up-Pussycat Doll
Orang Bilang-Wali Band

8 things I learned this year:-
Buat Blog
About Life
Something Speacial
About Friends
About Happiness
Tukar penampilan...

Tag 8 people:-
Kak Ucu
Kak Ilah
Kak Waniey
and.....sape2 yang baca loh!!!

~OKAY LOH!!!!~