You Have Entered The Lamest Blog In History

Ahad, 30 Januari 2011


*My Bestfriend, My Brother*

Annyeonghasaeyo..!! Helww..! Assalamualaikum..! alright....... how's everyones doing lately..? I don't feel so good...... (toothache.. really bad..! torturing me..!) My friends from Facebook & Twitter.. I'll be having some extra classes starting next week.. and I don't think I can survive... *dying right now.* Sorry, will not be able to online.. (again..)

ahh..skip that.. My dear sweet, lovely, angelic readers :) right this moment..(while I'm doing my typing) My heart flinch so bad..! yah.....I'm talking about 'the thing' again, araso..?? I'm talking about my SPECIAL GUEST :D whats so special, you might ask..

If you scroll down to my chatbox at the bar side.. You can see the name.. 'imashineegirl' and if you read through my last post.. I posted about her website and now.... SHE IS HERE ;)) of course..I was like... "OMO..!! Am I dreaming..??" started to slap myself ( don't know why....) I thought Acai was only joking when he said that the owner of the fanfiction commented in my chatbox. Kinda nervous.. I thought you might not like it when I posted about your link here.

I really want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH Hana Unnie who spent some times for commenting :DDDDD I really appreciate it..! can't believe that you were reading it too *crying* KAMSAHAMNIDA *bows* But I really feel bad..I can't post any comments at your side. Sorry, unnie........~~~~ Thank You again..! (I can't stop thanking you now.. its just not enough. x(( ) And my dearest blog.. (dead blogger) We Are Having New Special Guest now! Its a Scorpion Girl named... HANA UNNIE ;))

now you know the real name for Ms. imashineegirl :) for my dashing eyes readers..if you want to read her fanfiction (for us..we just HAVE to read it at least once a day. haahaa..!) you can now go to the side bar and look for her name, okay..? have fun reading it..!

Thank you too to my Kak Ilah ;)) I really miss her comments.. huhu..~ Love You Always Kak..! I know you're strong.. You will never give up until you reach the ending. thats why I love you so much..! muwwaaaaahhhhh..!! (Kak Ilah will always be my VIP)

P/S: opss...the picture supposed to be down here...instead of going up there... but its okay :) I love the picture..looks like a very cute siblings (One from Lee Family..the other one is from Kim Family. heehee..!) about the phrase.. 'My Bestfriend, My Brother' actually..its 'My Bestfriend, My Lover' but....I like JongKey & 2Min as pairs. haahaahaa..! OnKey is not so bad too ;) better off now.. my homeworks are killing me. huhu. Thank You again..!! :)