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Ahad, 29 Mei 2011

SHINe3years (SHINeeversary)


Helwww..! Annyeonghasaeyo! Assalamualaikum my beautiful, lovelies, machos, cutes & adorable silent & official readers..!! How are you guys lately..? I'm really sorry for not updating the blog for such a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time.. yeah.. Guess why..?

Answer: I'M HAVING EXAM...!!! Yeaaaapppp...exam agaaiinn..~ there you go.. an experience for O Levels sitters! I almost cracked my head in half while revising.. *coughnotreallyrevisingcough* went through all the past years papers..books..questions.. Well, my science is working up great..but NOT FOR MY MATHS! Gonna kill myself now.. WAIT! No! I haven't archive anything yet! can't die now.. huhu...~

Opss..! Looks like I'm out from the main topic for today, huh..? heehee..~ sorry. Though I know it's already too late to say this but.. HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY MY SHINING SHINee HEROES (25th May)! Waauuu...~~ I've been a shawol for 3 years, already..?? Hey, I'm PROUD TO SAY IT OUT LOUD ;) My Shining SHINee.. wanna hear the journey of..HOW I MEET THE SHINee GUYS'? heee..~ I was - is - going to post about something else..but let's just make this one post for SHINee, ne? This is for SHAWOLS & SHINee Lovers. for those who DON'T LIKE/DISLIKE/UNLIKE/NEVER LIKE/ANTI/DOESN'T LOOK ALIKE (not really included) or WHAT EVER LIKE SHINee.... Please keep your mouth sealed for seconds while reading this post, alright honey? Come'on, I know my official & silent readers are VERY VERY VERY nice & polite. Owh, for those who don't...well, my blog is not really that important to read.. especially this I believe there's a 'X' symbol for 'exit' or you can just press '<-' to go back :) Don't mind about this blog though.. I won't bite if you don't like it ;)) heee..~~, for my sweeties.. let's start from the 2008 SHINee.. shall we..?

Area Of REPLAY (2008)

Like always, I watch TV for something good (though nothing is good coming from the TV).. changing channels every 10 minutes.. Click Click Click Click Click. Man, I was so bored..!! Felt like I wanted to kick-crash the TV..then my fingers knew their owner was dangerously vicious when it comes to watching TV so they suddenly ran to the buttons and pressed some numbers... Yeap, it was the KBS channel. THE HECK I'M WATCHING KOREA FOR??? Don't kill me, please.. That's what I said during the 'I-Don't-Have-Any-Interest-In-Korea' time.. but unfortunately, I can't took my eyes OFF the screen when they caught this one CUTE, MUSHY, LOVABLE, YOUNG, TOFU GUY! Guess who....?

Aisshh..~ Don't you know him?? I give you a hint.. his skin was - is - like TOFU and he's a CHICKEN MANIAC! :D Know him already..? If your answer is ONEW than...I LOVE YOU!!! Gimme a hug! haahaahaa..! Sorry, overacting.. Yeah, I fall in love with Onew (the young leader) at the first sight. Then I was like... "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuu....~~~~~ who are they?" drooling.. yueckks!! JOKES! seriously.. They were so young *innocent* during the Replay area. I started searching through internet and news..then I was like.. "OWWHHHHHH...they are the SHINING SHINee! Gotta be a FAN!" haahaahaa..! It was their first debut..on 25 May 2008, if I'm not mistaken..I was watching the show on that day...or...a day after that..? whatever..who cares, huh..? hee..~

but sadly...I kept it as a secret back then..why..? I don't want my mom, friends, cousins, family..especially my MOM know about 'Oh-I-Fall-In-Love-With-SHINee-' when they don't even know who the heck was SHINee.. haahaa..! poor me..~~ then..move on..!

You Make Me Go 'RING DING DONG' (2009)

Now the time is getting Hotter..! No, seriously...I'm getting hotter.. something wrong with the air-cond.. Glad I still have the fan.. fuuhh..~ okay, I'm off from the topic again! huh..! Now, where was I..? Oh, yeah..RING DING DONG..RING DING DONG.. no, it's not your house bell, or your phone, or the was SHINee RDD ;) I love the song so much..! And surprise , surprise for me.. During Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Muslim's Celebration Day), I was with my cousins...talking, blabbering, bla bla bla blaaa...~ until of them.. started to talk about SHINee.. and me..being myself (A DRAMA QUEEN, TQ ;)) ) just pretended like.. 'Yawn-I-Don't-Have-Any-Interest-At-Them'.. I know my cousins were like.. "Unnie! Look, Taemin is so cute!" And the younger one said.. "NO! Onew is cute!" and me.. "Naahh, I love all of them" ahaahaa..! sadly I didn't say it out loud.. Still keeping it as a secret..

My cousins kept on arguing who's the best, the cutest, whatever..guy in SHINee.. Ahaahaa..! so cute..since I'm the oldest among, yeah..I have to listen to every single thing they told me. How they fight because the sisters have different bias.. aigoo..~ now what..? They just know that I'm a fan of SHINee last year.. ahaahaa..! Sorry my dongsaeng aahh.. unnie has to be good in acting, you know..? heee..~ and during RDD area..still love Onew..but at the same time..I ADORED KEY..! The ALMIGHTY KEY ;)) His body was so HOT cause he's so HOT! ahaahaa..! My hottie KEY :))

Her Whisper Is The LUCIFER~~ (2010)

Yeah...wait..can I change the lyric just a little bit..? SHINee's whisper is the LUCIFER! yeaah..! now that's a lyric. haahaahaa..! don't KILL ME PLEASE!! :(( *hide away into a shell* Okay, this is the area where I started to show my interest in SHINee..though my mom hadn't realized it yet..but I'm pretty sure some of my friends and cousins sensed something.. hee..~ hey, I have a heart too, you know..? and it needs to be fill with hottie boys ;) Yeah, the lucifer zone.. where all the FIVE OF THEM had SUCCESSFULLY stole my heart away! yah! I still need that heart, okay? Better be good and share it with the others too..

First, I saw Taemin's long, silk, hazel nut hair..I thought he was a SHE..! cause I was like.. "Omo, when did she get in?" then after 1 minute... "Omo, TAEMIN????" haahaahaa..! yeaahhhhh....stupid much, don't you think? ;) Really sorry for Taemints..please, don't rip me in pieces.. I promise I will be a good Taemint too..! huhu..~ Taemin really gave me a great surprise during Lucifer.. she..I mean.. HE looked good in long hair! Heck I care what people gonna say.. you know what Bruneian usually says when things come uneasy..? "Ingin2 ati ku bah kn memilih sapa" haahaahaa..! I got that tagline from Azee ;) Well, it's true.. People will never understand not until they have the same heart. Am I right..? Sheeshh! Quit walking off the main topic, will ya?! Sorry3..!

okay, let see.. Taemin in long hair looked such a beauty, Key with half-shaved hair looked so fierce (but still have the DIVA POWER), Jonghyun with black spiky hair & hot voice made him looked hot than in RDD, Minho's short, black hair caught my attention along the MV, Onew's a bit muscular arms looked more manlier than in RDD. And SHINee appeared with more fierce and naughty fashion.......wait..... why did I put 'naughty' for..?? Aish! This pervert mind! Well, you have to agree when I say.. THEY LOOK REALLY DIFFERENT IN LUCIFER! Agree..? Please, agree..! heeee..~~

That Sweet HELLO (2010)

Still in the same year..~ but different song..! It's Hello, Hello! If I'm not's around the middle of 2010 when this song came out. And I could see another different SHINee.. they were all wearing a TIGER-PATTERN Clothes! During the beginning of the song, though.. Now that's what I called.. MY SUPA HAWT SEXY SHINee ;)) haahaahaa..! Just say what you wanna say, honey ;p

I could see all the 5 members of SHINee were having their dates (in the MV, just for info) Onew with flowers (sweet, huh?), Jonghyun with a present (he was holding a box), Key with a ring (wauu!), Minho with a BIG TEDDY ( I want one) & Taemin with a....a...a-a self-designed clay! (what the heck was it?) Each member was going to have their date or maybe a proposal..and it really suits with the song. heee..~~ it's really sweet..for me, though! but then again... You know in their album 'Lucifer'..they have this one of my favourite song, called...'Quasimodo'? I watched the MV during SHINee's first concert and I was like.......... "Is it the continuation of Hello or what..??" All the five members were crying..losing someone they loved..ouch.. my heart hurts..~ Okay, let's stop talking about the crying part..I don't want my room to be filled with water within a minute. I can't swim, okay..?! But, let just say.. Hello is the sweetest MV from SHINee :))

We Play REPLAY (2011, Japanese Version)

They played, paused, stopped..then REPLAY again..just for SHAWOLS ;)) And this time............. I gotta say this.. SHINEE OPPA, YOU LOOK SO MANLIER THAN BEFORE! Seriously..!! well, not all of them.. Onew oppa looks like the Maknae in Replay Japanese Ver. MV. and Taemin looks like the leader.. haahaahaa..! I know..something wrong with me..since I've just finished my exam..I don't think my brain is functioning the right way.. aishh..~ and I need specs to watch Youtube and online..~ maybe that's the problem, huh..? well, they still the SHINee I know..! I really miss them so much..especially Jonghyun Oppa.. since he was rarely to be seen due to his leg injury.. so I have to say.. he still can dance much better than before ;)

I've watched their MV again and again and again........NON-STOP and I have to 'abuse' the replay button..! Sorry button, you're just too precious for me..! haahaahaa..! I can't even believe my eyes when I watched it. With the new hair styles..and more gimmick.. aishh.. my life is perfect ;)) thank you..! haahaahaa..!

Well, I love to stay and talk more about how SHINee stole my heart in every song..but, it's midnight..and I'm having classes in the morning.. I have to go now, okay my lovelies official & silent readers..? Thank you for reading this nonsense post of me.. and a big thank you for those who left comments..! I really love you..! Just wait for the upcoming post, okay..? I'll be telling story like before..if I have some free time. Also, for those who have can follow me.. it's 'Fyqahgeisha'.. I'm rarely online at FB now days. I need to sleep now..ANNYEONGHI JUMUSEYO! Kamsahamnida..!

Before I switch off this laptop.. this one.. It's SHINee's MV of Replay Japanese Version ;)) I always watch this MV before going to bed..just to make sure I don't have to face nightmares.. haahaahaa..! jokes..! ENJOY AND NIGHT READERS! Lots of loves FOR YOU..!

p/s: Upcoming post..maybe.. Love Or Friendship ;) Night! *hugs*


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