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Ahad, 28 Ogos 2011

Journey Of A Blogger

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Helww..! Assalamualaikum..anneyonghasaeyo..! Ohayo my beautiful readers :) I miss you guys so much. Sorry for updating this blog for so long. I'm quite busy nowadays. 'O' Level exam is just around the corner and my death is around the corner too =.=' I'm still not ready for it yet. I don't know why..but I think I've lost my confident again.... Tsk, yeah right. Since when did I have a self-confident..? Okee..I think we should change the topic, right..? I don't want to loss my mood early in the morning. Now let see..I've received some emails, wishing me Happy Ramadhan & Happy Eid-Mubarak. THANK YOU VERY MUCH^^ Yeah, Syawal is close-by.. and that means I have to leave Ramadhan again this year. I really hope to meet with it again in the future.

Yes, Ramadhan. In Islam, Ramadhan is the most precious month in Hijrah. The month where Muslims wake up in dawn, having 'sahur' or early meal to prepare for the fasting :) Muslims are told to make good deeds, well not only during Ramadhan though.. You MUST do good deeds every single second..! And I guess, not only Muslims take the 'doing good deeds' part seriously, I believe in each religion..they have their own beliefs :) I hate racist. I have friends from all different cultures and religions..I respect them, they respect me ;) The main point is not about where are you from's about.. How you show your respect to others :) Heehee. I think I just ran off the topic again =.=' Alright, lets start..

-I went home last night, work is tough. I wonder if anyone else have the same sense as me..
-I have just arrived. This country is so beautiful! People should enjoy the beauty too!
-I don't think I can live anymore, not without the one I loved. We broke up last night, but no one feels my pain.
-I received a news from my parents. My partner ran into a car accident and passed away before the paramedics could safe him. My best friend..I...
-I never feel so alive. My family, I am finally reunited with my family. The family I love more than my soul.
-We are finally lovers. I have found my other half and I hope we can be together till death comes to apart us.

I can't really write everything in the will take 2 days and 20 pages for this post^^ So i just show some of it. My beautiful, lovely, warm-heart official and silent readers..have you ever been in such a situation? I mean, not just what I have listed above..maybe you have others..? If yes, do you ever feel so stress out..? Annoyed by works, friends and lover..? Feeling down, helpless, sad and almost lose hope..? But in the next second, you finally smile and say that everything is going to be fine..? It's normal though :) Well, at least for me it is normal.

It has almost been 6 years now..since the first time I've started writing. Of course I didn't write a novel or a journal back then, just a simple short story for the school. Which I didn't want to remember what story I wrote. But as time passed, I started to write my heart out. Know what I mean? I mean, when you want to write something, you must have the main point of the story first, then the journey and then the ending. The characters..the background, the words..everything must be perfect. Hey, I'm not saying this to the novelist only..but also the bloggers :) Yes, if you guys are bloggers like me myself..I guess you might have the same idea as me. :) I'm not really a novelist though..I just love to write but I don't want it to be too expose. I like to keep it by my own. Heehee. Weird huh..? Well, bloggers..or you guys know that almost every human that lives and still standing in this very earth right a writer?

Aigo, you don't have to be shocked with this fact. =.=' It's true..every one of a writer. You have a diary? You write in your diary. You have a blog? You typed in words and post it in your blog. You have a facebook? twitter? myspace? If yes, you are a writer.. it's the only reason why they created pencils, pens and papers ;) people write and write and write..till the end of their life. Almost every single second in his or her life have a moment that they want to remember. So they will write it. Pictures can also recall your memories..but from writing, you can really feel the same feeling you used to have. Words, you arrange the words..and they become a sentence. With just a sentence..who ever reads it can feel the same thing like you do. From words..movies, theater, music and dramas are created. Isn't that wonderful? People never know how precious words are..

As a blogger, I love to write what I think and I have experienced. I don't expect people to understand though. I just love to write. I learn words from reading..people made the story and I read it. Whenever you're bored..feeling down.. hey, just take out a piece of white sheet and start to write something. Just tell that plain piece of paper how you feel and in the end it will show you how your feeling looks like. When you travel to a different place or even a different country, the view will of course be different.. it may be beautiful.. or just a simple one..and you really want people to know it too.. Just write something, tell them how do you feel about the view..and what people must know about it. Pretty? Amusing? Shocking? Everything.. though they won't be seeing it in reality, but do you know that imagination is the best view ever..? :) heehee.

Hey, are you crying? Crying while reading a sad story..the hero dies and the heroin attempts suicide..? Are you crying while reading a fantasy novel where the couple don't have a happy ending..? Aigo..why are you crying..? It's just a story. Yeah, people say the same thing to me too. But they never know..the writers and authors have suffered the same thing as the characters in the story. They experienced the pain from being stabbed by knives.. bullets made way through their flesh..blood squirting..soaking the fabric and ground with dark red liquid. Well, not really..but that is what they felt while doing it. The pain that they endured, they showed it through the characters.. Though it is not their life..maybe it happens to someone they know. They expressed all different kind of emotions through a character.. What makes it alive is..your brain. :) They won't write it if it never happened..they need the true feeling just to write about people's journey. Isn't that weird? Bloggers and novelist are weird..but the weirdness that they have wake makes them special.

Why you might ask. Words, feelings..they don't get along with each other well :) But once the author wants it to be together, they will be together. The author sacrifice his/her time so people can see the through meaning of the scene. I even heard about this one author who read through all the dictionary just so the readers understand. Who says being a writer is easy anyway? They never sleep at night, just to think of an idea..they don't go out for a date (heehee) just so they can have plenty of time to write something. Hey, I'm not saying this because I'm a writer, okee..? This is what the real novelists and great authors feel. Tired, dizzy, sick..but sometimes people never appreciate their works.. Why? Simple. Because..the readers just 'READ THROUGH'..without 'THINKING THROUGH' haahaahaa..! what the hell am I saying..? Well, it's true right..? You won't be able to understand a single thing if you just read through pages without your heart. Try to read it..and feel how the author will see how tough or how hard the journey just to reach the happy ever after thingy.

Bloggers, you wrote something in your blog..was it just for fun? I mean, you just wanted to write something meaningless..just for the people to read? I guess not, I believe whatever you tried to say there is something special about it. Maybe a post about your friendship? A post about your lover? An old lover? A post about what happened? Anything. :) But please take note about this.. writing is something we are born to do..but never..and I mean NEVER misused the words. You write lies..telling these and that to people. Write a wicked slander about someone. Yes, you may say this 'Hey, it's my blog. My post! I can do whatever I wish to do!" Yeah sure..write..write all the lies you know. But please remember.. what goes around comes around. Your blog or website can be easily banned for telling too much lies. You can lose everything everyone in just a blink of an eye. Is that what you wished to face in the future? I guess not.

You can express your feeling through blogs..I've done it too. even now. heehee. but you know what they say..cover it, don't expose it ;)) Heck, I don't know what kind of statement I just wrote. =.=' You can write something, but try your best to cover it. No, NOT COVER YOURSELF WITH A BLANKET! Cover your words..WITH A REASON and AN EXPLANATION :) Be a smart writer not a foolish one. heehee. And yes..about maturity thingy.. Here, let me explain.

Maturity or mature, it doesn't depend on your age. It depends on what and who you are stand with. You stand with the mature are mature. You stand with......immature people... Do I have to say it..? heehee..~ I'm just kidding though :) forgive me, deh..? So don't send me email saying that I'm still too young to talk about things.. I see so many things, lives and scenes in every second. You never too young to talk your opinion out. But, before you say it..think first. That is how mature people talk. Think before you say it out loud. The world is listening ;)) Alright. ;))

OKee..aghh..~ My back hurt..and that annoying bird won;t stop knocking on my window! haiyyaa..!! Bising laa..! the glass will break soon..! =.=' aishh..~ Owh, and about the email.. I'm really really sorry. Actually I don't take requests :) I write the updates by my own point of view..but thank you so much for the ideas :) I may come up with one. Talking about bloggers.. should I say.. these bloggers here have the best blog..? I can't write all but honestly, the links of blogs at the sidebar of this blog..(look at your right screen, my Onew is on the left^^) are the best bloggers I know :D Sometimes they don't just write journal but they also talk about something like motivation :) For me, I enjoy reading their blogs.^^ !! But these bloggers down here are the ACTIVE bloggers :) :

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Hey, Hey.. don't turn around yet! Though your blog is not listed..doesn't mean it's not good. Aigoo.. =.=' I can't list all of you.. So I just chose the active one..well, not really active now. heehee. Just drop me some comments at the chatbox so I know that you're active^^ OK? Not hurt feeling, deh..? Come on, you know I love you guys, right?^^ *hug! I always love you guys. And yes, all the bloggers that are listed above..are from Malaysia^^ I'm a Bruneian just like Fafa, but friendship doesn't see that as an important point^^ Alright, I have to go now. My back is trying to kill me. Anneyong..!

Mak I & U...pjgnya post kali niee.. heehee..~ Sorry