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Selasa, 4 Oktober 2011

The Girl Of Art

*Let's Do It. We Are Going To Reach The Top*

Credit: Original Owner.^^

Helww.. Assalamualaikum & anneyonghasaeyo!^^ I am now in the month of 'THE FINAL WAR!' No, it's not a title of a movie. I will be sitting for my 'O' Level exam this month. And yes, I'm have (NOT) really prepare for this. I think I'm dying! NOOOO!!!!!! Neh, just kidding. I'm fine. It's just an exam, wish me luck OKE? *wink.

I will be leaving this blog for months, (as if I've recently visited this blog before. tsk) And I'm really really really for not replying all the comments. I have been quite busy with all these books! Crazy books! and exam is a BITCH. Well, it's only once in my whole life, right..? So I have to make it until the end! Since I only have 7 subjects to complete...IT WILL NEVER KILLS A STUDENT! I know.. I know.. Alright, before I start to jabber about randoms..let me share some pictures!

SHINee's Key

Detective Conan (Farah's Future Son^^)


(Farah's Future Husband! haahaahaa..!!)


(MY future pet ;pp )

SHINee's Onew


SHINee's 2Min Love (Minho & Taemin)



(My future SON^^)

SHINee's Jonghyun

(My Husband!!)

SHINee's Taemin

(My Husband again!)

Yes, they are all drawings. HAIP! I'm not the one who drew all these, okee..? I'm not born to be an artist...I'm just a writer. *crying. Alright, I really really really LOVEEEEE these drawings! Why..?? Can't you see how BEAUTIFUL it is..? Well, some are taken from internet but that's not the point.. I just love how my ADIK NURULFARAH'ATIKAH drew all these! Damn, I'm sooooooooo envying her talent! I borrowed the sketch pad and can't stop from staring at these pictures! She drew it herself... Man, I wonder why she stopped taking Art Class last year. What a weird girl you are, Farah. that's why I love you. haahaahaa..!! She drew it SOOOOO smoothly! As if she has the picture stuck in her brain! --' I want to be an artist like her too..!! but she doesn't want to teach me how. haahaahaa..!! *poor me..*

I showed it to my cousin, Bai...and his eyes when like fish balls!! Like this O.O haahaahaa..! He said I must be joking when I said Farah drew it. then I give him this look :PP and said... "JEALOUSY KILLS!" haahaahaa...!! I showed it to my maa and she went praising Farah all the way! Yeah, she deserves to be praised like a magical girl from Heaven. *wink. Thank you very very much Farah for drawing all these pictures. Especially SHINee's picture..!! She even drew my favourite pairing from SHINee. 2MIN LOVE!!!! OMG, my eyes when bigger than this O.O haahaahaa..! seriously..! If only I wasn't in the classroom filled with my crazy friends, I would seriously scream my heart out! --' SHE DREW IT SO REAL!!! AND MY HAND TOUCHED IT FOR REAL!! Well, usually I just view it in the internet..WHICH I can't hold it. But thanks to my Farah..she makes my dream comes true. haahaahaa...! Weird me....... --'

Please let me explain. I know some of the drawings might be yours.. Just like I said, she took it from the internet and tried to draw it. Not a plagiarism! NO. we're not claiming the original artworks as ours.. We're just drawing it back. OK?! And yes credit goes to the original works.^^

Thanks to Farah for giving me permission to share the pictures!^^ Ah yes, this picture down here is the GIRL OF ART ( I named Farah with that title since she deserves it)

Farah_The Girl Of Art


A 95 Liner!

This CHINESE girl. haahaahaa..! joke, she's a Bruneian just like me ;)

A fan of 2PM, T.O.P, Jonghyun & Jang Guen Suk! (I can't spell his name --')

My Personal Helper^^

My Entertainer!!

My FARAH! Don't Touch!! She's MINE!! *raawwrr*

In love with Purple & Art^^ (+Sastera)

Very confident (coughcutecough) friend^^

SINGLE! haahaahaahaa..!!!! *hide in my shell*

Very patient, strong, funny, crazy, secretive, active & talented

(you won't believe if I said Farah was boyish back then, right?^^)

*Important* I LOVE HER!! *Important*

Farah is just like Azee, Fafa, Warn, Tracie & Stacie, but she has her own way to make me love her^^

The girl who gave me my strength back years ago until now^^

We met in tuition class..

(Farah was a 'HE' when I first saw her. haahaahaa..! just kidding, Farah! I LOVE YOU!!!)


(Seriously.........this girl.....)

Quite sensitive since she's not like me..a ghosts lover.^^

Whatever I'm going to describe about this girl, the word perfect for her is...


p/s: I'm going crazy.. hwaiting!