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Ahad, 1 Januari 2012

WARNING : K-Pop Post Ahead! Kindly Leave If You Have No Interest.

* God Gives You A Brain To Think Before You Say It, Not Saying It Without Thinking *
(picture : credit to the real owner)

Helww..! Assalamualaikum..! Annyeonghasaeyo..!^^ Oh, I give you a warning earlier before reading this. So once again, please kindly leave if you have no INTEREST in Korean artistes, K-Pop or something similar to those two things I said earlier. Just click the [x] button right at the top corner of your screen and EXIT^^! Do anything, just don't BASH anything on my blog. Because I kindly ask you to leave instead of kicking you out. :) I'm kind riiigghhtt? OK, this is just a short post about K-Pop, so bear with me if you STUBBORNLY don't want to leave this LAME website. Read at your own risk! I will not be responsible for anything that happened to you. *innocent face*

The common question people keep on asking me is : "Since when you're a fan of K-Pop? Aren't you a Nubies? (Nubhan FC^^,v)

Usually, I just smiled and shrugged. But as this question begun to linger around my brain like A MAD BUMBLE BEE, I just answered.. : "Since 2005. What's wrong?" and they all went like..: "WHAT THE HELL..?! HELL THE WHAT..?!" Yeah, babe. 2005. What? Did I say something wrong? Haahaahaa! You guys never guessed about it right? Yes, I'm a Nubies (Nubhan FC) and will always be but, I'm also a 7 years K-Popper (and the number will keep on increasing) I heard A LOT of comments for being a K-Popper back then, but being me.. all I have to do is this : Sit back, relax, have a drink and smile.. Don't bother asking me questions or even bashing me with your words, because I NEVER walk on your path, pal :) And some called me as 'SUNBAE' or 'SENIOR'. Yeah, my maa & paa are fans of Korean Dramas back then^^

2005 : The Year Of DB5K/TVXQ = Me as Cassiopeia.
2006 : The Year Of SS501 = Me as TripleS.
2007 : The Year Of Super Junior = Me as ELF (EverLasting Friends)
2008 : The Year Of SHINee = Me as SHINee World (Shawol)
2009 : - The Year Of Nubhan = Me as Nubies ^^ !
2010 : -
2011 : -
2012 : (?)

The arrangement I show above is the real arrangement in my what year I became a fan of random groups. In the year 2009, I stopped K-Pop for the WHOLE year because of a crisis. So I want to heal myself by being a fan of Nubhan^^! And until now..I'm still a fan. heehee. But in 2010, I tried to crawl my way back as a K-Popper like before. I can't really leave the music life. From DB5K/TVXQ, I learned my first dance step. I met new friends while learning to dance. I learned different culture from my new friends. I respect them :) for respecting me. Like the elders always say : "Treat others nicely, they will treat you the same." And hey, I lost my weight after the dance class. haahaahaa..! No kidding ^^ !

Some comments and bashing critics I received ever since I changed my blog into something else are:
- "You're a fan of Korean now? What happened to the old one?"
- "Why you suddenly changed everything into K-Pop? Before you just talked about something random"
- "Why you like them?"
- "Handsome faces, sexy dance. That's why you like them? Pfft.."
- "Some of them are "g*y"! and you like it?!"

I just show you these comments. Yeah, it's my fault too for not telling them I'm a K-Popper. My answer : It's NOT because of their handsome faces and sexy dance..... wait, sexy dance..? O.o Don't tell me the "Zombie Dance", "Robotic", "Pumping", "Techno" dances are SEXY?! Are you serious?! It's not the dance that make it sexy, the body is flexible to the beat. I learn that from my dance class. You see them sexy because of the beat. The body follows the beat. Even if you just wear a skirt to dance or for the boys, you guys just wear jeans, if your body can't follow the beat...the sexiness will fade --' or not even appearing. OK, back to the main topic. I will tell you about dance later ;p. Have you ever watched their concerts? On TV or real life? Notice how they dance and sing at the same time or hours without collapsing on stage or faint by lack of oxygen? Yeah, they dance for the fans and the audience like mad. They do it for the people. Where did they get all the strength from? Sugar? Hyper? Nope. Practice. They practiced hours and hours, days by days, weeks by weeks..OK, maybe not weeks since they have a full schedule. They worked hard to perform well though they will just appear for a short moment. What they want to give is the 'BEST PERFORMANCE'.

Their intentions in cheering the audiences attracted my attention from the start. But yeah, some people never appreciate it and keep own searching for the LIGHTEST mistake they make. Weird. Weird. Weird. Oh well, humans ^^. And another comment, the last one. Being haahaahaa..! Even before I started to talk about K-Pop, every guy on earth they say GAY! Guy hugging a guy = Gay. Guys holding hands = Gay. Wearing tight clothes. = Gay. Woah! I wonder why they never talk about a girl hugging a girl = Lesbian. O.o ! Nah, I don't mind at all. They have their own opinions and I have the answer to all questions. Well not real every question.

From my point of view : Guy hugging a guy = Bromance. Guys holding hands = Friendship. Guys wearing tight clothes = FASHIONISTA ! ;) You know what, readers? Think positive, believe me..your life can get better than before *wink!* You guys know about Super Junior? Yeah, they are the resemblance of what you said "Homo". LOL! Then don't be mad if I say this.. "You never know what love is." Why? If you are a boy, my beautiful readers.. IF you are a boy, will people call you GAY for being close to your own brothers? IF you are a girl, will people call you as GAY for being close to your sisters? How about being close to your best friend who has the same gender as you? Will they call you gay? No? Then what differences with these boys (Super Junior)? They live, work and stay in the same dorm. Living as family and brothers..what troubles they bring to you? Yeah, I'm not their personal assistance but hey, I'm 'stalking' them. haahaahaa..!

That's what I keep on telling my beautiful readers here..before you say something, THINK! Before you want to do something, THINK! Before you attempt to ignore something, THINK! Think twice, trice...million times before you do something. Think POSITIVE :) You CAN'T force people to see things your way. You CAN'T stop someone to stop liking what they like. You CAN'T change someone to be the one you want them to be. NO and DON'T. It's obviously you CAN'T accept the reality living in this earth. ^^ I won't force you and say "HEY, YOU READERS! You BETTER be a FAN OF K-POP OR I WILL TEAR OF YOUR FACE!" then swords, knives, bombs and axes will come flying at me for being so stupid. --' There's no use forcing others to change when you can't even change yourself. There's no use saying and cursing others when you can't even say a good stuff. There's no use showing others that you are an angel while the others are demons when you yourself.....hurt the people with your words. You're evil than us then^^! That means you're one of us! haahaahaa..!

Think positive please^^ Don't you want to live better than now? Thinking all the negative things..BORING! And it's a burdensome too! Boring right? So why don't you change your mind now? Think something and see something in positive way, trust me..your life is brighter than tomorrow *wink!* OK, I'm blabbering nonsense again--' Just want to say this : Dulu aku minat Nubhan, korang bising. Aku dah kata aku minat Korea, korang bising gak? Kang aku kata aku minat Lady Gaga, korang kata aku mengada2 lak --'

Haahaahaa..! Just saying that! ;p Don't worry about me. I have my own to survive. I won't be bothering you too. So PLEASE NO BASHING!!! I don't need any comment if you attempt to post some useless comments and bashes. WILL TOTALLY BE IGNORED BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT NEEDED HERE IN MY BLOG ^^ ! I only play good things with nice and good people. I don't play pokers with bad-mouth humans or even a cheater, a liar and a killer (laalaalaalaa..~~) LOL! OK, I will be leaving now. Have a HAPPY NEW 2012 YEAR, MY BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY, FRIENDLY READERS! I Love You Guys So So So Much! I pry that you guys are smiling on this new year eve :) Please excuse my words if they are rude. *bows* I'm a human, normal and filled with please forgive me for my mistakes ^^ !