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Khamis, 12 Januari 2012

ATTENTION : K-POP AHEAD! You Have Been Warned !

* Open Your Eyes, Look Around You. Family, Friends Are Everywhere. All You Need Is A Bit Of Respect & A Heart To Realize *

(Picture Credit Goes To The Real Owner)

Helww..! Annyeonghasaeyo..! Assalamualaikum to my beautiful, lovely, generous, official and silent readers ;)) I know you are out there my silent readers..and I LOVE YOU :D ! Opss! Read the heading before you read this! I've put a warning! K-Pop Ahead! K-Pop Ahead! So, as as the owner of the lamest blog ever in history of history will gladly show you the way to EXIT this blog or even SKIP this post ^^. You can click 'X' at the top corner of your screen to EXIT or you can click 'BACK' to SKIP. Tell me if you got lost somewhere unspecific. *wink! OK, TO THOSE! To THOSE who doesn't HAVE ANY INTEREST IN K-POP and right now as you read this post I'm crazily writing at 2.09 AM in the morning, and you start to think or even WANT to BASH. PLEASE! Please..kindly leave this site. I seriously won't need any of those bashing opinions you had stored for years :) Just like I said.. BE KIND or YOU WILL SUFFER MORE ^^ ! Hey, I'm not kidding! It's not easy being so kind, ya know? haahaahaa! Jokes! Now, back to the main POINT!

Alright...hey, I'm hearing something.. Something with a...beat! And a MELODY..! Wow! What was that?! Pfft...yah, stop being sarcastic and start with the post already! OK, done scolding myself ^^ Sorry for being a 'drama-queen'. It's a habit. But seriously, I heard a music.. not just any music. It's a POP music. but...what kind of Pop? B-Pop? J-Pop? M-Pop? Lolli-Pop?! (hey, it has the word 'Pop' in it) I'm not talking about that kind of Pop.. I'm talking about.. *drumrolls*

K-POP !!!

Yeah, told you it's going to be about K-Pop right now! What? Don't like it? Go back! Go back! Go back! ^^. Alright. It's about K-Pop! Korean songs, musics and culture. I've been in this K-Pop or Korean world for years now. My maa & paa, both of them used to watch Korean dramas A LOT back then. I knew a lot from them. Everyone remembers Winter Sonata? Full House? Autumn In My Heart? Stairway To Heaven? All About Eve? Summer Sent(?)? I grew up with these dramas, until I knew DB5K (Dong Bang Shin Ki) in 2005. My maa is a fan of Bae Young Jun & Rain Bi. My paa...well, my paa just supports my maa ^^ ! He is more into badminton and sports but he watched Stairway To Heaven with my maa back then (the last Korean drama he watched too. heehee.) and then my abg Fad (abg Dino BlingBling from Nubies) too a fan of K-Pop! He's a fan of 4 Minutes & 2Pm ^^ ! and also a fan of SHINee's Jjong! I called him as abg Bling Bling. heehee.

No one knew, I was a K-Popper. Not until one day when 'Nobody - Wonder Girls' & 'Sorry Sorry - Super Junior' started to spread world wide. Since then, even my cousins started to talk about Korean this, that.. K-Pop this and that. They started to like K-Pop when I was about to leave K-Pop world. *sigh. Now I'm back :) but yeah, even when you're in a group of K-Pop lovers..everyone has their own different taste, different view, different opinion too. Because, everyone has......

YEAH, everyone (K-Poppers) has their own bias :) or even biases from random groups. The groups : Super Junior, SHINee, 2PM, 2AM, DBSK, JYJ, SNSD, T-Ara, Kara, 2NE1, Infinite, U-Kiss, MBLAQ, FT Island, CN Blue, F(x), SS501, Big Bang, Teen Top, Boyfriend, Block B, B1A4, Wonder Girls, Sistar, Secret, Beast, X-5, TRAX, 4Minutes, Rania, A-Pink,..etc. (You don't expect me to post every single group, right?)

Random groups, random members, random talents, random biases, random musics and random ways of expressing it. Some people asked me this,

"If you get together in a group with different likes..won't it be complicated?"

Answer : To tell you the truth, YES. It is complicated. It's just like leaving with strangers under on roof. With all the 'misunderstandings' and all.. The fan-wars, the fights.. *sigh. It's really complicated. But hey...don't you feel complicated in your classroom? With random students around you. Friends with different religions and cultures. Studying with them will all the noises and random things they talk about and you don't even know a single thing. Isn't it complicated too? :) Heehee.

You see, from what I've experienced for years and I've been entering different fan-clubs.. And it's still the will meet different people with different Point Of Views. But for me..seeing these people having their own way of living without even bothering about others..looks selfish, isn't it? Just imaging yourself sitting in a classroom with your friends and best friend. Of course, your friends won't be having the same ideas as yours, but don't tell me you're going to strangle them to death just so they will agree with you? Heehee. of course not. You have to be fair. Let them explain their opinions, their ideas and their interests too :)

Every time I post something in this blog..I will definitely have some tips. This is a very simple one..! My readers, if you were chosen to be in a group of people from different countries and religions, what will you do? Ignore them? Do your own thing? Or just talk randomly? Well, probably most of you chose to just talk randomly. BUT, do you words, you can hurt someone? Heehee. Here is my opinion when you have to face this kind of situation... 'RESPECT'! Show them your respect.. younger or older than you.. that's not the point. What's important RESPECT them. :) Easy, huh? Sounds easy..ever try doing it? *wink! RESPECT & CO-OPERATE are needed when you're stuck in a group of 'strangers' ^^ !

The reason why I talked about these because I want to share something.. At first, I seriously thought I will be invisible to everyone when I posted about it. I thought people are going to ignore me. heehee. But then...I was wrong! They didn't ignore me nor my posts. I asked them about how long they have been in K-Pop World and if they ever have any collections of K-Pop they can share. I was hoping for 2 or 3 people to respond....but hey......... why don't you go through the pictures I've posted down here........ SCROLL DOWN, GUYS! ^^ !! We're going to see some K-Poppers COLLECTION!

Credit : Zzatul HyukJaejoong
And you said you have the biggest collection? Try to beat this! :D ! The collection Zzatul made...I'm speechless. It fits the bed entire bed! And her collection mostly about albums and songs :) she's a fan of SuJu Eunhyk and JYJ's Jaejoong, I guess. You can see the poster of Eunhyuk! The Gummy Smiling Prince ^^ ! I love that Monkey! Focus on the bed, guys! (what's?) I mean..focus at the COLLECTIONS guys. I spotted SHINee (always come first. heehee), DB5K, JYJ, Super Junior (of course^^), SNSD and some random songs of K-Pop ^^ Guessing first, from her collection.......Zzatul belongs to.....Cassiopeia & ELF? Am I right, Zzatul? Heehee. Cassiopeia is DB5k/JYJ's fan-base (say whatever you want butt-hurt fans, JYJ is still belongs to Cassiopeia!) & also an ELF since she's a fan of that Monkey Eunyukie! ^^ ! Correct me if I'm wrong, neh? ^^

Credit : Wafee Hyunki SooHyeon
Just like other K-Poppers, Wafee collected magazines :D You can see it. Heehee. Hai! Magazines, E-Pop Magazines, KLIK, Badges, Key-chains, CDs & Poker cards(?) heehee. He's a fan of random groups ^^ so instead of collecting each pre-group, he collects all. I'm not sure what or which group he belongs to...but what I can see.. there are 4Minutes album, 2NE1 (yeay, 2NE1!) Beast, SNSD and some badges. It's not really clear so I don't know who's badge he has. Guessing, Wafee can possibly be a fan of...SNSD or should I say a SONE ^^ heehee. or maybe 4Minutes with 4Nia? I'm not really sure. he can be a fan of anything right now. heehee. I, too, collected some magazines the brothers bought for me ^^

Credit : Shin Young Hoon (Sis Neon)
My sis the leader. haahaa..! and I love her ^^. There are two photos that I have combined them together. My sis Neon, she's a fan of random groups too but mostly, she's an Inspirit (Infinite) and a BBC (Block B). Look at the stuffs. heehee. For albums, ah yeah..sis Neon is a fan of Yoochun & Dongwoo! I spotted JYJ - In Heaven album! The same album I bought too. heehee. She even bought a calendar, a pillow (mine is SHINee!) of B1A4, Infinite & Block B bags ^^ ! She bought it in the evening and shared it with us at night :D ! In the group, my sis Neon is the eldest...and also the leader ^^ (I called her Teukie! ^^ <33333) It's really fun to know her ^^ and she threatens me a lot too! haahaahaa! Oh well, I want to get my Micky back ^^ ! OK, maybe I don't want Micky back. But Micky is cute^^ ! Jaejoong is hot..Junsu is cute too! *RANDOM! RANDOM!*

Credit : Saleha Jabar
For different K-pop lovers, they have different taste in buying the stuffs and items. Saleha, she doesn't just collect the albums, but also the clothes. She's a fan of...BLOCK B, SHINee & BIG BANG ^^. I love to see those clothes. heehee. It's hard to find one, better ask her next time ^^ even Big Bang's G-Dragon's shoes *wink! I love the T-Shirts and Hoodies! Saleha shared 3 photos of her collections and I just combined them ^^. And from my point of view, Saleha is more to FASHIONISTA! ^^ The shoes and the hoodies proved that this K-Popper is more to fashion *wink. You can follow the fashion, because you know you are 'flexible' to fashion ;) Maybe..just maybe..Saleha is a V.I.P? or a BBC? Let Saleha answers this if she reads it. heehee.

Credit : QeeKey
From her name, I'm quite sure she's a fan of SHINee. heehee. Qeekey collects random groups of K-Pop like the others too. She has SHINee, Secret, SNSD, BEAST, Super Junior, f(x) (finally I saw f(x)'s album. heehee), 4Minute and some badges there :D And also posters and B2ST bag...wait is that a bag? or another poster of Beast? Heehee. K-Poppers with different biases, different fan-clubs but we still a family. ^^ But QeeKey here....she's a mixture of Beauty & SHINee World. heehee. ^^ ! I'm just guessing since I can see B2ST everywhere. Just saying, Doojun is mine^^ ! Take Yoseob! heehee. I forgot to tell you that nowadays they also sell a CD of random K-Pop songs ^^ ! I spotted one on QeeKey's collection.

Credit : Nysa Hb & Afiffah Hb
From their FB names, they are obviously sisters :D and these sisters share the same hobby and taste. Nysa told me that she collected this with her sister :) and they're SHAWOLs or SHINee World too. heehee. Look at the huge SHINee thingy..what is it? O.O and also some randoms groups, BigBang, B1A4, Super Junior, Infinite and some badges too! I love badges ! ^^ ! and key-chains! Having siblings with the same hobby must be very interesting ^^. like these two! Sharing collections and shared photos with others too^^ I got to know Afiffah before I knew her sister. heehee. Nysa is older than Afiffah, right? (Correct me please ^^)

Credit : Nicky Hope Mc'Ripley De'Blingbling
My dongsaeng here is totally a die hard fan of SHINee as he called himself as A SHAWOL or SHINee World :D ! And he's a fan of Bling Bling Puppy Dino Kim Jonghyun! It's obvious since you can see Jonghyun's name on that T-shirt. heehee. I believe that he collects original items as his collection ^^ and..yeah, it's shining SHINee ;) the jelly-band and badges! And also some photos of Jonghyun & Key. together with SM The Ballad. Wow...I realized something about Nicky when I saw his photo in a contest we made last year. His face is a bit like...f(x)'s Amber ^^ ! She's my bias, Nicky..don't take her away from your noona. heehee.

Credit : Neerah Hanapi
Woahow! Now that's a KISS ME ! :D ! told you some of them are really talented and creative in designing. One of them is Neerah here. She's a fan of U-Kiss! Look at the wall and the table. U-Kiss is everywhere ! Kiss Mes! She even got the calendar, pillow, posters, badges, photos of them ! And also a smart designed of 'U-Kiss' at the top ^^ ! Instead of having plain wall, just decorate them with simple photos like these and your bedroom will be a place of FAME. heehee. ^^ I think I should be trying it too instead of destroying my bedroom wall. ^^ ! Nice and smart decoration, Neerah!

Credit : Naz December
We have talked about SHINee World, V.I.P, Kiss Me, let's talk about ELF & Super Junior. These items are collected by Naz :) A die hard fan of SUPER JUNIOR! Look at the original albums and calendar! I saw Eunhyuk!! Just like I said, we shared different things with different people. And Naz shared the interest towards Super Junior! It's not a weird things for us to be a fan of these boys ^^ even for years, their talents are still amusing! ^^ ! And let me say this, Super Junior is the one and only group that can make a people laugh just by their spontaneous actions! ELFs, agree with me? *wink. heehee! Skip that. Continue!

Credit : Keybahh
And another 'KEY' we have here. heehee. To tell you guys the truth, most of them are my juniors and Keybahh here is probably one of them too. heehee. She's of SHINee everywhere! wonder where she got those..? Keybahh's collection is obviously more to SHINee :D ! Wow, looks like we have a row of SHINee World right now. heehee. She collects photos, magazines and badges too! Look at the poster (?) of SHINee at the top. heehee. And after talking about SHINee..who is their bias? I know who I'm in 'love' with. heehee.

Credit : Jiho Iam'Ulzzang
For Jiho here, you can see random groups of K-Pop! Block B, B1A4, Infinite, Beast and I'm not sure which K-pop group this boy belongs to. heehee. He collects different groups and I guess he can belong anywhere. Or maybe...he's an Inspirit ^^ heehee. Just guessing! Still, what's important is..the badges! He has it too ^^ and if I'm not mistaken, Jiho is the first one who posted and shared his collection with us ^^ ! After I asked about the collection, he posted it minutes later ^^ ! Thankyou, Jiho!

Credit : Jibahrara
YOW! I got a V.I.P here :D !! Yeay, found V.I.P ! Jibahrara is a big fan of Big Bang! You can see it crystal clear..! Before, we saw some SHINee things and now we met a V.I.P and filled with Big Bang! Different of the others, Jibahrara mostly only collects the albums :D Some probably collected the stuffs and just like people always said "Once a VIP, always a VIP " *wink! Jibah shared her collection of Big Bang with us! I'm a fan of Tabi ! or his stage-name T.O.P ^^ ! and Daesung. heehee. Wonder what is Jibah's bias.

Credit : Hajah Farwizah
My best-friend since primary school! Hajah Farwizah! Seriously, I didn't even know when she begun this K-Pop thingy. Owh well, here is her collection! This girl is a die hard fan of Kim DongJun (ZE:A) but all I can see is Boyfriend. Where's ZE:A, Jah? Are you sure you're a fan of ZE:A? heehee. And..don't touch my Jeongmin! Take the twins, but not my Jeongmin! *warning you!* She also collects the magazines! and a Boyfriend bag! everyone will be wearing their K-Pop biases bag to school I guess :D !!

Credit : Faraheeyah Mohammad
OK, overall..Faraheeyah Mohammad has the biggest collection of K-Pop. There were four pictures when she first showed it to me. And I have to combine all the four of them into 1 photo. For the photos, you can see how Faraheeyah separated her collections, the three pictures are photos of the albums she collected and the last picture...of course, MAGAZINES ^^ ! I saw Jaejoong and Yoochun! heehee. Some of them collect magazines too since they have posters in it. heehee. I do the same thing too! I love collecting magazines actually, so it is part of my collection.

Credit : Fahimah Idris
From Fahimah! Well, I see lots of badges :D ! and also some that SHINee? Heehee. My eyes are a bit blurry. But other than that, you can see U-Kiss, 2AM, Infinite B1A4 & Park JungMin of SS501 :D ! I'm not sure about the fan base, since most of the K-Poppers will be a fan of more than one groups. So they can be anything. ^^ Being random will get you closer to the other fan-club *wink! Fahimah maybe an Inspirit. Or maybe a TripleS? No one knows before she answers this question. heehee.

Credit : Dina Xanderky's
Now, for Dina..she's not just a fan of the songs, but also a fan of the dramas. She collects the albums, of course, and together with the Korean dramas DVDs. ^^ ! Move a bit, you can spot the pillow, a pencil case and a calender! Woow....looks like this year is going to be a 'FULL-OF-K-Pop' Year ^^ ! Though I'm not really into K-Dramas/Movies, I can see 'Lie To Me', 'Boys Over Flower', 'Baby & Me' (I love this movie!^^) Super Junior : Attack Of The Pin Boys (^^!) and the others are albums of..U-Kiss! So Dina is a Kiss Me ! ^^

Credit : Anwar Ahmad
For this guy right here, he's a V.I.P or for those so are not really sure who are these V.I.Ps are.. V.I.P are the fan-club or Big Bang :) Anwar is a of them ^^ ! He collects their albums and...I can also see a light-stick of Big Bang. ^^ Just like I said, you won't be able to like just one group, as for Anwar, he is also a fan of U-Kiss, 2PM & B1A4. (correct me if I'm wrong^^) How do I know you may ask? The picture on the right told me so. *wink! Well, I think I should say that I'm proud of our boys in that group. Some said, "Boys who love K-pop are g*y." Yeah, always heard that..but what they don't know is the MUSIC that brings us together as 1 family. You called yourself a music lover? Well, don't call yourself with that name if you don't even know what 'music' is. *wink. And do they think that K-Pop world is filled with just boy-bands? Don't you ever heard of SNSD & 2NE1? ^^ Don't mess around with Scorpio..they 'sting' a lot. ^^

Credit : Angelyc Hs
The collection made by Angelyc Hc is B2ST or Beast! She's a B2uty or also be called as Beauty. Some K-Poppers, they have their own creativity in decorating. And I guess, Angelyc here has the talent. She decorated the wall with her biases! ^^ ! I wonder who is her bias? heehee. (I'm a fan of Doojun!^^) Some people (one of them should be me, I guess --') aren't really creative in decorating thingy as we just like to paste the poster to the wall like such. Hey, you haven't see how I plastered the posters to my bedroom wall ^^ ! Oh well, I do envy these guys for having a creative mind ^^ ! Should try this one sometimes, going to rip of the posters and paste it with 'STYLE' heehee.

Credit : Ameilia Amu Nam Min-Gi
Ameilia shared her too! Another random groups collection by a K-Popper. Most of the K-Poppers will definitely collected the badges (I know I do. heehee) and for Ameilia, she collects B1A4, Boyfriend, Infinite, U-Kiss, SHINee, Beast, DB5K (Heeyy! We have the same DB5K songs^^) Super Junior (I spotted Ryeowook from here) and also ZE:A. and same thing goes to Ameilia, I don't know which fan-base she belongs to. Heehee. But it's good to see she's a fan of random groups ^^ ! I wonder which group Ameilia adores more? Beast? Boyfriend perhaps? UKiss? She can be anything. heehee. I think I should ask earlier. heee..~

Credit : Amal Nadhirah
As you see in the photo, it's a FULL COLLECTION of SHINee ^^ ! This girl is a Shawol too. heehee. I can see SHINee everywhere. The photos, poster, badges, key-chains, a bag and will never be forget the photobook-albums ^^ ! A SHINee-World Collection ^^ ! Just like Nicky. heehee. And I guess, Amal, too is a die-hard-SHINee World or SHAWOL ^^ ! I have a partner! haahaa. And I just realized she has a Lucifer Poster! *pout* I'm looking for that. heehee. Lucky for Amal ^^ ! And she has the photo of SHINee too. The photo I'm talking about is the one with their autograph. I got Minho ^^ from my Lucifer album. heehee. I wonder where you get the rest of the photos.

Credit : Alba Mohamad and her siblings :)
Click on the picture to get a full view.
These are the collections they share together. And when they say K-Pop connects people, it connects you with you family closer too *wink!* for those who's family are into K-Pop! They collected photos and drawings (probably drawn by themselves) together ^^ ! And of course the albums of random groups. :) I can see SHINee from here. heehee. Maybe it's just me but K-Pop can turn into a piece of art too *wink. Not believing me? Try to see the drawings. heehee. ^^ ! The drawings remind me of my Farah too. She's good in art and has draw a lot of K-Pop pictures. The hands of arts ^^ !


...And you said I was kidding? No, the stuffs are originally belong to them :) The names that have been stated there and on the picture itself. They shared this with me and the others too. To be honest...I'm not even close to them. Or should I say...we never know each other before. But then... Even me myself, I have my own collection, but I think it's better to just share the guests photos^^ A BIG THANKS to the group creator : SIS NARA ^^ ! who had created this group and gathered all the K-Pop lover fans all around Brunei to be in one group.. :) Thank you so much, sis :) Some of them are my juniors from the same school and some are my seniors.. I never realized they existed..! ^^' Sorry. heehee. From this group, I met with my 'CRIME PARTNERS', who loves to torture people alive! And I met a big family of Inspirits, +A & SONEs too :) those pictures are the proof that co-operation is totally needed as a team or group. They proved to me that they are willingly to share their collections with others though some might have been strangers to them. But hey, who knows... the 'STRANGERS' are now part of the family too. :)

Like all fan-clubs, we too have games and activities to share. Random activities of course. For examples :

The K-Pop Songs Quiz Game : They will write some lyrics down and you will try to guess.
The K-Pop Mystery Photos Game : Some blurred photos of K-Pop artistes will be given and the players will have to guess WHO'S PICTURE IS THIS?
The K-Pop MVs Guessing Game : A piece of picture, cut from a MV will be shown and you have to guess the song and the artistes.
And who ever wins..will get a photo request ^^ heehee. This quiz can be played or created by anyone ^^ !

We also have :
CONTEST ! Yeap, we have ! And mostly one of the K-Poppers : Ahmad Shahrum ^^ (He's a fan of Junsu 2PM!)
He usually arrange the contest with a help from the others too!

And my favourite :
IMAGINATIONS ! What? can't a 17 year old girl has an imagination of her and her bias? *wink. heehee. Ignore me.
Most imaginations are made by : Cherry Kim (Umma!), Hajah Farwizah, Fyii HaMizo (she writes fanfic, I guess?), Eqaa Emberazy (my CRIME PARTNET) and the others!

We also have :
PHOTO REQUESTS SECTION ! Though this one is not always been offered but this part usually offered by Nysa Hb & her sister Afiffah Hb :) There will be time where they ask for photo requests and..just request then. heehee.

Like every fan-club too, we also have :
THE K-POP ONLINE SHOP ! In Brunei Kpop Lover Fans, we have different online shops :) and these three are the best choice *wink.
- Kpop Heaven
- Tokki K-pop House
- K-Style Fever

But the most important thing : I will never be alone in there since I have these guys :
- Sis Neon (Shin Young Hoon)
- Sis Naralove PjminKyu (The Admin)
- Amey Ar (my ex-neighbour & posts a lot of Jiyeon & T-ara)
- Eqaa Emberazy (my blood-thirst partner ;p)
- Cherry Kim (my Umma, she's a fan of Onew too!)
- Annie Aw (My dongsaeng ^^!)
- Nysa Hb & Afiffah Hb (the sisters)
- Lee Dongho (Dongho Shawol? heehee)
- Ahmad Shahrum (since he posts a lot of 2PMs nowadays ^^ ! and a lot of contests)
- Sis Suzy Mohammad (I just knew her :) )
- Junjungan Rahmatsani Elf (my dongsaeng and I'm her 'hyung'. She's my Kyuhyun)
- Nicky Hope Mc'Riley De'Blingbling (my dongsaeng and also a big fan of SHINee, he used to post a lot about SHINee during school holidays)
- Hero Kim Jaejoong (a RP of course also my dongsaeng. A big fan of DB5K and Jaejoong ^^)
- Hajah Farwizah (I don't even know when she got addicted by this K-Pop things)
- Fafa Fadzil (of course!)
- Gmss Hoya (this is my senior :) but I never got a chance to see her)
- And the others :) I seriously can't post all your names here.. we have 1000+ members and this will take like....2 days to finish all. heehee. If your names are not stated, don't ever think that you're not close to me. I can't post all the names here........ :(( but the 1000+ will always be on my 'LOVE' list *wink!

I guess, I should be proud.. :) The group was created last year..and it's still here and the members keep on increasing. I really hope to see more in the future. The first awkward feeling when you wanted to make friend with them..and now, they ARE you angels too ^^. I called them as angels since they helped each other defending for what's rights and what's not. Though fighting might occurred sometimes..just because a little misunderstanding and a bit of.. 'I-Won't-Give-Up-Until-I-Finally-Win' thingy.. heehee. but that's normal.. the problems can be solved easily...if people show their respect towards each other :) Maybe, you're right and he/she is wrong..instead of cursing, try to say this... "I have my own opinion and you have yours." haahaahaa..! I still remember this phrase :) I'm really glad to know them. sharing knowledge, different songs and musics..they even have their own talent ^^ and these people..are from Brunei :) *hug you guys* ^^ They have talents in dancing, singing,! never know ^^ ! You guys are the best..! Thank you very very very much..! Everyone of you is SPECIAL :) though sometimes I try to stop something (usually a misunderstanding) I ended up feeling guilty to myself --' What? I don't want people to hurt by my words ^^ And I'm really sorry to Sis Nara. Mianhae Sis.

OK, my back is killing me and it's 3.28AM in the morning. Tomorrow is...Friday 13th! :D ! I'm not talking about luck, I'm talking about the date. Cool..! ^^ ! Thank You Very Very Very Much to everyone from the Brunei Kpop Lover Fans ^^ ! For sharing the collections and activities ^^. I smile a lot every time I enter the website. Remember one thing : Things can be complicated..but every question has it's answer if you see with your heart instead of the lust of winning ^^ ! Random advice for everyone! Thank you sis Nara, for creating the group. Thank you Amey for adding me into the group.. Thankyou to everyone..for being my angels and complete my day with your NON-STOP random! ^^ ! Loveyou guy VERY VERY VERY MUCH! I hope to meet you guys soon ^^ Stay pretty everyone!

And lastly...THANKYOU KAK ILAH! No, she's not a K-Popper..she is my BEAUTIFUL SISTER FROM NUBIES ! ^^ ! Thank you, Kak Ilah for offering the new chatbox. The old one had gone mad and Kak Ilah said the new chatbox she's using is quite good. So yeah, finally got it. THANKYOU AKK! SAYANG AKK! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! heee..~ Only for Kak Ilah. (for those who doesn't know her yet..she's a Malaysian and also my sister in Nubies! Together, we support Nubhan! Heehee. ^^ Random story!

Yuy is signing OFF!