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Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012


*Shut Up, Or Die.. Your Existence Is Not Needed Here*

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Helww ! Annyeonghasaeyo ! Assalamualaikum :) I got bored and..yeah, I miss getting tagged and everything. So I post the one I got from FB :) Look ! I put Jaejoong as the intro picture ^^ *dancing around*

--:.:THE SELF:.:--

Real name: -Nurafiqah Hashim-
Nickname: -Fyqah / Yuy -(Got new nickname for no reason)
Married: -Status- Single -
Zodiac Sign: -Scorpio-
Gender: -Female-
Age: -Born in the year 1994-
High School: -S.M. Perdana Wazir-
College: -Just entered form 6-
Height: -156cm- so damn short ! --'
Weight: -I won't tell-
Do you like yourself: -Yes-
Piercings: -Used to have one-
Right or left: -Right-
Are you a freak : -Yeah-
Hair: -Brownish Black (?)-
Skin: -Fair-
Allergic: -Seafood-
What are you doing now: -Answering someone's questions-
What will you doing 1 hour later: -Still watching TV, I guess-
What will you doing 10 years later: -Studying ? Cradling a kid to sleep ?-

Live with mother/father/parents: -Parents-
Siblings(included you): -4-
Eldest: -Abg Ijam-
Youngest: -Me-
Love/hate your family: -Love them more than my own soul-

--:.:THE LOVE:.:--
You found your another half: -Not yet-
If yes, who is he/she: - -- -
If no, who you want he/she to be: -Someone who won't kill himself after a month with me-
Time(s) you in relationship: - None -
Ever woo boy/girl: -Hell no-
Anyone woo you before: -They won't even dare to come close to me-
Did anything wrong to your other half: -No.-
What was/were the wrong you have done: -I don't know-
Ever argue with your other half: -None-
You with your other half since: -I never have one-
Are you straight/Lesbo: -Straight-
Reasons you love your other half: -No idea-
You and your other half in which stage: -Have no stage-
You woo he/she or he/she woo you: -Neither-
Ever think of marry he/she: -You mean, the guy who loves & needs me? Yeah. Otherwise, no-

--:.:THE FRIENDS:.:--
Your first best friend: -I can say Fafa is my first best friend. My late best friend was like a brother to me-
Your first enemy: -The mirror-
The friends you love the most: -You know who you are, I don't have to list out the names-
The enemy you hate the most(1 only): -The mirror-
Your most beautiful girl friend: -Every woman is beautiful-
Your most handsome boy friend: -I hardly see a guy as handsome-
The kind of girl you hate the most: -Bitch-
The kind of boy you hate the most: -Whore-
You fall in love with your close friend before: -Yes-
Your best friend is your ex-lover: -Maybe yes, maybe no-
If your friend backstabbing you: -I'll sing.. I don't care eh eh eh eh eh-
If your friend betray you: -I believe she has found a better friend than me-
If your friend woo your lover: -I won't kill, just torture-
If your friends fall in love with you: -I know what to do-
If you fall in love with your best friend: -That's normal-

--:.:THE STUDIES:.:--
Are you a good student: -No-
You always done your homeworks/assignments : -Depends on my mood-
The teacher/tutor you love the most: -The teachers who have taught me about life-
Always late to school/college: -Sometimes-
Your class: -Form 6-
You love your seniors: -I respect them-
Senior who you love the most: -I don't know-
Your classmates good/bad: -They have different personalities-
Excellent result classmate: -Nabilah (Joonie)-
Laziest classmate: -I don't want to mention the name-

--:.:THE PEOPLE:.:--
Smart people: -People who can see their own mistakes-
Stupid people: -Those who think they are perfect-
Good looking people: -Those who have a good personality-
Ugly people: -The people in the mirror-
Funny people: -Who spread lies and talk as if they know everything-
Cute people: -If you think you are, don't stop, because it is true-
Bad people: -The retarded people-
Honest people: -People need to lie-
Acting people: -Actors (?)-
You are what kind of people: -Let the people judge me-

--:.:THE PREFER:.:--
Lip or eyes: -Eyes-
Hugs or kisses: -Hugs-
Shorter or taller: -Taller-
Hesitant or spontaneous: -Spontaneous-
Nice stomach or nice arms: -Nice stomach-
Listener or talker: -I need both-
Romantic or rich: -Need both-
Good husband or Good Father: -A good husband will make a good father-

--:.:THE FUTURE:.:--
Age to get marry: -26 (?), 27 (7)-
Numbers of kid(s): - 4 -
Career: -Lecturer-
Salary: -$ 4,000 & above only-
Retirement age: -Age 60 (?)-
Properties value: -I don't know-
Wishes: -I wish to be better-

I used to have this tag..but I can't remember. Oh well, won't kill to try :) Thanks.