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Ahad, 22 April 2012

Tears, Tears, Tears..

My Tears....Are Invisible To The World *

Helww ! Assalamualaikum ! Annyeonghasaeyo :) How are you guys this morning ? I was awake around....2.30AM just now, and then fell back to sleep ^^ Very tired after Sociology Activity. Muscle cramped..oh so good ! haahaa ! Kidding. But hey, can you guys believe that I cried 3 times yesterday ? Yes, THREE FREAKING TIMES ! I cried too much.... First, I cried because of the video we watched during GP class. The topic was on 'Animal Farming', and I've never felt soooooooo guilty towards animals before ! And I've never seen SUCH CRUEL + HEARTLESS + BRAINLESS humans before ! Hey, hey. Don't be mad at me when I said this...this in MY POINT OF VIEW ! Yes, I can get too emotional sometimes. Come on, imagine if it happens in front of your eyes... Don't tell me you will just sit there and enjoy the show ?? OK, maybe you guys don't really understand what I'm trying to tell you. Heehee

We have watched on how ANIMAL FARMING looks like in other countries. And yes, I cried ! I cried for the animals ! I cried because I HATE THE HUMANS ! I can't stand on how they 'take care' of the animals there ! I felt like doing the same thing on them !! Yeah, I am overreacting sometimes...but it is because I STILL HAVE A HEART + A BRAIN ^^. Oh, no offence, please. *sigh, there's no use telling you guys like this. Maybe you can watch the video yourself and tell me if I'm WRONG for feeling pity towards the poor creatures. And, isn't it weird when I told my friend not to cry but, I actually cried ?? haahaahaa ! Can't help it. Too cruel. 

WARNING ! WARNING ! WARNING ! THE VIDEO IS NOT SUITABLE FOR WEAK HEARTS & KIDS ! Please be prepared. Make sure you won't CRASH, SMASH, PUNCH, KICK, THROW YOUR COMPUTER AFTER WATCHING IT. And, please make sure you WON'T TRY TO STRANGLE, KILL, SHOOT ME after watching it too. You have been warned ! 

Second...our first Sociology Activity ^^ Sir told us to jog/sprint 10 rounds, star jumping 50 - 70 times & sit ups ! Oh goodness I FEEL SO LIGHT NOW ! No, that's not a punishment or even torture of us. It was A LESSON ! ^^ and I LOVE IT ! Well, the runnings and sit ups were not the cause of my was the session. When sir told us to LET GO OF OUR EGO and say SORRY to a friend. We stood facing each other (my friend and I), and looked DEEP into each other eyes. At first, I was giggling and so because I felt awkward. But then, sir told us to imagine the person who was standing right in front of us was someone else. Suddenly....yeah, I was thinking about 'him' :) You guys still remember 'him' ? My late best friend ? Yes, him. I said I was sorry and so on...but when I told my friend that he passed away..she was like O.O "are you serious?" Yes, she was shocked. Don't worry..I felt relieved after that ^^ Thanks, SIR & YAYA :) And the other reason is because I feel guilty for lying to my parents. I've lied so many times :'( Sorry Maa & Paa. but I love you guys with all my heart !! I lied because I don't want to upset you guys... I really love you and I rather died than seeing a tear rolls down your cheek... Saranghamnida, Omma & Appa. brother in-law went to England to work. NO, that's not the actually reason ! I cried because everyone cried ! We sent him to the airport yesterday. At first, everything was calm....but then, when he had to inside, he hugged his mother and cried.. then when he hugged my sister (he is my sister's husband ^^), and my sis cried..then I cried for the reason that I don't know ! Yes...too much tears yesterday so I really hope I can smile again today (especially with this cramped) My brother in-law will be staying there for 6 months, if I'm not mistaken. But I believe, he is doing it for the family ^^ Awww~ cheesy me. haahaahaa !

Since I don't have any works today, so I decided to post something :) Well, actually I DO have work to do..but I think I'll let my brain rest for a while. I can't let it burns ! I should stop crying for now. I'm thinking of designing my bed room walls again ^^ Going to put moooooooore posters ! haahaahaa ! And also I need ideas for our PC (Peer Counselors) T-Shirts... Urrgghhhh...My poor brain !! 

Time's up ! Should be going now. Good-bye my loves ! See you soon ^^ Love-Love-Love All Of You Like A Love-Love-Love Song !

P/S: If every word is a love from you........ Then I'm the luckiest human alive ;) Kak Ilah...sayang akk. Sayang akk sgt3 ! Roses are red, the sky is blue.. I just want to say I really miss you ^^ 

@fafafadzil : I really want that pillow ^^ haahaahaa ! Love-Love-My-Angel

@farahatikah : Takziah, Lai. I'm really sorry to hear that... Take good care of yourself, neh ? I love you

@azee : Miss you, my-little-joker ^^ I wonder where you are now...

@amalkamaliah : I really miss you, sis. Hwaiting for your exam !