You Have Entered The Lamest Blog In History

Ahad, 27 Mei 2012


* It Hurts..But Your Smile Heals My Wound *

Helww ! Assalamualaikum ! Annyeonghasaeyo ! :) How are you guys ? head hurts. My back aches. I'm sick ! :( Hey, guys.. Have you ever wondered how a simple question can actually TEAR your heart apart ? Well, I'm just saying though.. :) No hard feelings, please.

"Yuy, why are you smiling?"

Me : Because you're smiling (?)

"I wonder when I will be able to see you smiling by yourself."

Me : What do you mean ? O.o

"You always say that you're smiling because people around you are smiling. I want to see you smiling because you deserve it."

Me : ... Maybe someday..

Yeah, it hurts knowing that I can't smile for myself. I always feel like I don't deserve it, yet. *sigh. What ? Too lame ? Say whatever you wish to say, I won't bother to care anyway. Yeah, you know why ? Because my wounds won't be healed by it :) I'm telling you, this life is nothing but one way ride. Once you said, you really mean it.

No offence. I'm not talking about anyone.. Just pouring out some emotions here :) My friends make me happy (thank you) but when I'm alone...who will actually 'remember' my existence ? 

Eyh..I'm just going to make this post as short as possible. The more I write, the more heart breaks will occur. Honestly, I hate how my words control me instead of the other way round *sigh. I just hope my friends won't mind.. I hope they will stay and SAY something to stop me from 'swearing, cursing etc..' I need that kind of friend.. A friend who will stop my word.. I mean, not when I'm talking ! When I'm cursing about something. Yeah, I curse a lot nowadays *blush. 

Yuy is signing off !

P/S : I miss you, Kak Ilah. I really miss you :( The moon doesn't want to talk to me anymore..almost every night, it hides away from me. I'm a bad person. Kak Ilah, saranghamnida <3 :) Forever and always..