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Sabtu, 3 November 2012

The October Girls

 Helww :) Assalamualaikum ! It has been long since my last post here..... Hee..~ Okay, fine. October had passed....fine. fine. However.....I've shed too much tears in October, I think. Why ? I cried too much, of course ! Yes, struggling for my final exams, lack of sleep, lack of confidence, lack of everything ! As our exam ended on the 25th of Oct.........I cried again. Why ? I was hoping for a usual birthday greetings from my friends.......but I think I received more than I deserve :( I don't deserve their kindness, seriously !!

[Not a dramatic scene!]

Yes, I didn't expect anything like this... I'm officially 18 now :) ..and here, I vow.. for my 18th birthday, it is the most precious moment for a teenage girl.

[Date : 29/10/2012
Location : School canteen
Time : Set 5 - P.S Time]

I cried because Hajah (my best friend since forever :p ) surprised me with a video they created !! ....or more like she was the only one who created it and helped by the others :) They said it was just a simple video.......but for me, I see it as the most valuable treasure ! Because it is from my friends.. She even lied to me !! How could you, Jah ?! What did I do ??? How could you lie to your friend ?! How could you make me cry like that ?! Why ?! WHY ?! WAE ?! {insert dramatic crying scene and a dance to Keep Your Head Down here} Okay, too much drama. Yes, I cried. Well...who wouldn't ?! She lied to me, saying that "Yuy, can you help me with my English ?" And I believed her because she is still taking English Language...but then, the video... the opening of the video was 'Novel Saga - Watak n Perwatakan' ..and I was like.. The heck you just gave me, Jah ? English or Malay ?! ..I guess I was so much a fool not to notice anything, huh ? But the video continued........ this sentence popped out 'Happy 18th Birthday FYQAH YUY' .... I strangled her !! Yes, I strangled her for real.....but stopped when I felt my eyes teary.. My other friends were there and they smiled when they saw me cried ! Luckily, there were only Naz, Hajah, Anne & Jia..I think ? Anne was resting, Jia and Naz were sitting together, and I was sitting next to Hajah.. So yeah, the girl who I strangled not to death was Hajah.. How could her ?! And then.....I couldn't stop crying.... But in the end, I hugged Hajah & Naz [almost....because everyone was staring at us..and that was not cool..]

Then, Naz confessed.. "We want to see you cry, Yuy..because you're too 'tough'. So mission accomplished !" Darn, you girls !!!! What do you mean by 'too tough' ?! But then, I realized, yeah...I never shed any tears in front of them matter how hard, and awful the situation was...but I cried just because of a video ?! Seriously, Yuy ? Tskk..

I forgot.. Naz & Hajah are also the October girls :) We were born on the same year, month but different dates ^_^ Happy !

[Date : 30/10/2012
Location : School Canteen
Time : Break-time.
The 'told' mission : Surprise birthday party for Tiqah.
 Real mission : To make me cry again... The F ?!]

I forgot to tell you guys something. Everyone knows how naughty I can be sometimes.. so I made a mistake and posted up a ghost photo on WA and scared my friend off... I tried to apologized, but she ignored me. I gave up..and acted like nothing had happened but still ignoring her.. .....Then, Hajah told me.. "We want to surprise Tiqah !" Tiqah's birthday = 27th October 1993. Yeah, Too close, isn't it ? Sadly, she is a year older than me.. :( Fine. I was happily accepting it ! However, on the same day... they were whispering to each other, but isolated me from the whispering group ! So I just sat and played with my laptop alone, with Naz. Oh, the friend I mentioned earlier is Safwani.. A very sensitive and fun girl. We know each other for years now. So, when Tiqah arrived at the canteen. They took the cakes ! 2 CAKES ! Then I was like... wow ! Why so many cakes ? Then they started to sing the birthday song...and I sang along with them ! Happily and childishly ! But when I tried to walk away to sit with Naz..... Saf grabbed my hand and dragged me to the next table.....surprised, of course ! And I was like... "Wow ? She is not mad at me anymore ?" But another surprise for me.......when she handed me the other cake........ Hell yes, I was surprised !! The twins were still singing and I looked at Tiqah for a while before yelling at Hajah, Naz & Jia !

I gave them a big, friendly not so friendly.. "YAH !!!!!!" For some reasons, I did manage to attract the teachers and the other students attention.... Sorry.. I forced myself to smile and tried to recover from the massive shock ! Darn it ! Why don't they just give me a heart attack on my next birthday ? -_- Yeah, not happy ! They cut the cakes for me and Tiqah.. YEAY CHEESE CAKEs ! Beautiful cakes too ! One cake had a rainbow layer in the inside and the other one is red velvet ! I told Jirah I love red colour over rainbow, and Tiqah loves rainbow colour...... This is too much, girls !! Maybe Tiqah deserves the birthday celebration.......but me ? I don't think I deserve it.... We just know each other for like......few months ! And yet, they are already THIS nice to me ! :'( Waeyo ? And yes....I CRIED AGAIN !!! But this time..........all my friends SAW IT ! They saw me crying ! Even Saf ! Tiqah approached me first and consoled me, "Don't cry, Yuy. Why are you crying?" But I tried to smile at the same time ! But then..Safwani came.... That evil girl ! "Yeah, I finally see you cry, Qah!! Finally ! This is the first time you cry !" And ..... I cried harder ! Hey ! I covered my face okay ! I was trying very, very very hard not to cry......but I guess...when I saw them....I felt like I was celebrating my birthday with my old friends........ Remember my old friends ?

Warn, Nubby, Mirul, Stacey, Tracey, Anis, Kasyah, Safi, Acai, Farah, Azee, Amal, Pikah itik.......everyone.. Even my late best friend......... Him.. I thought I saw him there among the girls...... Why ? You know I can't stop missing you........

But thank you so much, my loves..... Farah, Azee & Amal... They used to shine my day :) They used to be my sunshine, my moon and my angels.... They used to make me smile through the hard times..... But now... they all have their own friends, huh ? :) I'm jealous....because someone else has my best of the best friend ! *pout* ..Please take care of yourself, my loves.. Wasurenaide..

And Thankyou veryvery very my friends NOW :D my beautiful friends ! My beautiful girlfriends ! Thank you so much ! Fafa & my P.S GIRLS ! Thank you everyone...for making me realize that losing him shouldn't be the ending to my friendship life :) Kamsahamnida.. Saranghae.. Jeongmal saranghaeyo

 Thank you Kak Ilah for the message.. Sorry I can't be as good as Chan or any of your friends, Kak. I'm no one to the world..but I'm really grateful to know you. Though we rarely talk/chat..let you know, you will always be the best sister for me. Nae-reul itjji masaeyo.. But please just erase me away if my existence causes trouble or painful memories to you..  LOVE YOU ! :) Thank you Fafa for the phone call ! Sorry I took too long to answer your calls ! Mianhae ! Jeongmal mianhae ! Saranghae, chingu yah ! My Minho :) Thank you Azee & Farah for the messages....thankyou so so much ! I really wish you girls won't forget me.....but I guess, if you girls are happy now.. Just forget me if you must :) But let me keep our memories together, aye ? I love you girls.. more than anything. Amal, thank you so much for tolerating/bearing lot of obstacles with me.. After 3 years knowing you...I can see whoever chooses you as their partner...they must have a very good taste ;) You're a nice, calm and humorous girl ! Whoever breaks your heart.....darn, that human must be stupid.. LOL ! Heehee..
Safwani/Saf & Me [This girl made me cried ! She was also the one who planned everything from the start ! She confessed that she was not even mad at me..and wanted to make me cry ! Darn, you ! I'll take Onew away !!]

From left - Mirah, Me, Jia Woei & Hajah. [My entertainers !]

During Naz's birthday celebration - Back row : HK Twins; Yaya & Rara. Yusri, Halimah & Hajah. Front row : Me, Naz (birthday girl) & Fizah [Yes, there are more than just us..........but my laptop screen can't fit everyone !]

Thank you so much, loves !!!! I can't stop thanking you.... So, though this year might be the last year for us to be together, and some of us might leave again next year.. Please be safe, take care and be happy.. Remember those endless laughter and unfading smiles.. Remember them always :) Stay strong !

The October Girls :
Espanadirah : 3.10.1994
Hajah Farwizah : 4.10.1994
Chin Lee Hui : 6.10.1994
Nazuha/Naz : 9.10.1994
Atiqah : 27.10.1993
Me : 28.10.1994

:) Off !