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Isnin, 18 Ogos 2014

What Did They Say ?

What did they tell you ?

"She is a nice young girl."
That's a lie.

"She has a nice soft voice."
It was just an act.

"She won't hurt anyone."
No one ever planned a murder out loud.

"She looks so soft."
You missed my personality.

"Her skin is nice."
That doesn't resemble my attitude.

What did they say ?

"She doesn't deserve anyone."
Because no one is good enough to handle me.

"She has nothing to offer."
Because I'm too expensive.

"She has nothing to show."
Because that man is not my husband.

"She is just faking it."
Because I know you're too.

"She is so ugly."
Because being pretty is not an option.

"She sounds weird."
Because you don't deserve my kindness.

"I don't like."
I don't like you either.

"I can do better than her."
I don't wish to be compared with an easy girl.

"I'm smarter than her."
I don't share brain with anyone.

"She likes gay!"
Because I'm crazy enough to be someone else .. to stand on my own ground without a care. I don't need fakers to support me .. my ground is different than yours. Only those who understand this 'life' will stand next to me. Level of awesomeness *winks*

"She is gay!"
I'm always happy. Of course :)

What did they say in my absence ? What did they tell you ? Whatever they say .... you know you're a true friend when ......... --

No, I'm not going to say it here. Good night.